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So much has been made of a lot of the reality shows that feature black women and how they make us seem angry, confrontational and classless.  While I get the huge upset over some of the activities on these shows; I have to be honest and say that as a black woman I don’t really […]

If you pursue love because of a person’s wealth or influence, it is often seen as a negative thing.  Unlike most relationship experts, I don’t necessarily see it that way.  In my opinion these controversial relationships are often far more grounded and honest than those that are “all about the love.” Check out my latest blog at […]

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Beyonce’s recent red carpet appearance in a knock-out see through dress has started the debate again on whether or not she was ever actually pregnant.  The question will never go away.  However, as a veteran pregnant lady I do have a few things that I simply need to get off of my chest. Click Here […]