Floyd Mayweather admitted to sexing Tiny, T.I.’s wife, while on stage, in front of a ton of people, including members of the media at a boxing promo event.   Click the tmz.com video below to see him bluntly admit it…smh.  We knew Mayweather had some douchey tendencies but c’mon son, really? You know the […]

  After the news of Floyd Mayweather declaring that he smashed Tiny publicly surfaced of course IG got into the fiasco with the good, bad and ugly #TIandTinyMemes. Hear us talk about the winners on the show by clicking the player below… and see the #Instagrammy winning pics below… S/o @randomjoe81 very true s/0 @vls_xo brutal […]

The LaDawn Black Show listeners chimed in on the things people can do or say to get kicked out of your inner circle: one of my  white coworkers told me her dog was racist cause he only barks at black people , really wow don’t like Biggie as a the best rap artist PEOPLE WHO DON’T VOTE […]

BAD, BAD news for Mary J. Blige (and YES this is even worse than the chicken wrap commercial). Winners of Mary’s college scholarship fund were promised a four year scholarship to the college or university of their choice. The scholarship fund have not paid the students’ fees and tuition and now 24 students are in […]