If you want to see Kenya Moore go from 0 to 100 real quick, try trespassing her home.

You can live in Diddy’s NY condo for the nice low price of $7.99 million!! So, if you have that lying around you can take his 2 bedroom Park Imperial place off his hands. Check out the exclusive pics and details HERE DIDDY’S SPEECH AT HOWARD UNIVERSITY 50 CENT DISSES DIDDY *** CHECK OUT THE LATE […]

After a string of burglaries and and run-ins with stalkers, Rihanna has decided to relocate back to NYC.  Even though she will still keep a place in LA, she will be spending most of her time in The Big Apple.  We reported that her new penthouse in SoHo would cost her about $39K a month. […]

Can a man have some peace? This is just too much to me. People have no chill. I understand being a public figure but  there is a such thing as  crossing the line. Kanye agrees…clearly!! **STRONG LANGUAGE…PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED…NOT SAFE FOR WORK*** JIMMEY KIMMEL SPOOF’S KANYE AND HE RESPONDS KANYE SHOWS HIS AZZ *** CHECK […]