Black excellence is a thing! Especially in Maryland, as it’s the second-best state for minority entrepreneurs and business owners to succeed. According to the Baltimore Banner, a new study by Lendio conducted the research showing that 24 percent of businesses are minority-owned in Maryland. Not to mention, job growth in minority-owned businesses is at 59 […]

This black family business, Amalu's Gardens makes the most refreshing juices I've ever tasted.  Amalu means “Something Valuable”, and Gardens represent “Growth”.  Amalu’s Garden have crafted a family brand based around health and education. They promote a holistic lifestyle by sharing information through their wellness community and was kind enough to answer a few questions of my own.

Baltimore business woman Bianca Jackson is taking an innovative approach to save struggling minority owned businesses in the area by offering Posh Pop-Ups to underrepresented founders to test and refine their products, while gaining the sales and marketing skills needed to thrive, not just survive the pandemic.

According to the Nielson Company research, 42 million Blacks have a spending power amounting to $1.3 trillion, which gives each man, woman, and child an annual spending power of $26,200 dollars. CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE RAVEN PARIS BLACK PAGES           A dollar circulates: 6 hours in the Black community 17 […]

Diddy has been talking about supporting Black Business for a while. Now Diddy has teamed up with Jay Z and they are working on putting together an APP that will help you find Black Businesses to support. They are two of the most successful people in the Hip Hop Industry. Right now Diddy and Jay […]