Check out this clip from my recent appearance on The Bill Cunningham Show.  This mom was ruining her daughter’s credit/ finances by partying and trying to keep up with her much younger man.      

So much drama on The Bill Cunningham Show! Check out the advice I give to a couple where the guy travels with his sexy assistant and manages/oils down nearly nude models, but thinks his girlfriend is totally wrong for stripping!!

A recent clip from The Bill Cunningham Show — bondage beds, prostitutes, nosey friends and cheating.  Look for me all season long as one of the relationship experts for the show.

Things get CRAZY when I am the relationship expert on The Bill Cunningham Show. What would you do if you found out your man was sleeping with your best friend in your house?  Check out the clip below for my advice for this latest set of crazy lovers and continue to look out for me out all […]