Beyonce Knowles

We’re sending our prayers up Solange and her family right now. As she was set to perform at Afro Punk New Year’s Eve event, she has cancelled her performance due to a recent disorder. She shared the information with her fans on her Instagram page. “Wrote, deleted and re wrote this like 5 times… Still not […]

Another day and another win for the Innanet...

An Irish publication revealed that a handful of the country's politicians have a special place in their heart for Beyoncé.

Just because Beyonce’ is pregnant, don’t think that’s going to stop a show. (Well, it might if the situation doesn’t work out with Coachella) We can’t confirm this but, according to TJB, Beyonce’ was spotted rehearsing with her dancers in LA for The Grammy’s. Will Beyonce‘ take the stage? Only time will tell…….

While much remains on the horizon for Black America, we remain vigilant that 2017 will deliver us to greater heights and achievements unseen.

  Beyoncé spends about half of her life in expensive gowns, so when her mother, Tina Knowles, revealed her daughter’s true feelings about her wedding day dress in a new interview, we were all ears. Knowles, who is responsible for some of her daughter’s most famous looks, took it for granted that she would be making the dress […]

  Beyoncé‘s LEMONADE took the world by storm, with fans marveling over the imagery and the message ever since the first teaser dropped for the visual album. But one person who watched the trailer for the HBO special when it first dropped saw something disturbingly familiar. Now a man has come forward to state that much of that […]

As loved ones and fans of Muhammad Ali gather to say their final goodbyes during a memorial service in Louisville, Kentucky, on Friday, several television networks will deliver live coverage of the ceremony. TV One, BET, and Bounce TV have announced they all will air Ali’s memorial.

We've gathered the top five musicians riddled with Illuminati rumors. Some have used tongue-in-cheek references to contest involvement with the world-order, while others have flat-out denied any connection.