bathing suit

Alicia Keys took a break from posting pics on instagram for a while with her last posting begin on January 29th 2013, But Yesterday March 25th she made a very sexy comeback. She stood on high heels standing on the edge of a pool looking at the trees flowers and the road below. Its […]

Stacey Dash poses with Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan Okay, so Stacey Dash is really working this campaign. First, she released pics of herself in a red bathing suit endorsing Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. Just weeks later she is seen posing with Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan. Remember that Dash and Lisa Raye […]

Photos leaked of rapper Nicki Minaj in her hot pink bikini on the set of her new video. Check out Nicki’s hottie body below!

Amber Rose covers Hip Hop Weekly