Like many child stars turned young adults, Amanda Bynes found herself struggling with substance abuse in public life, so when she unexpectedly announced that she wanted Drake to “murder” her “vagina,” fans were taken back by the bluntness of her thirst. The former Nickelodeon star even tagged the King of The North on the post […]

Looks like Amanda Bynes' antics from the last couple of years caught up with her professional life.

Amanda Bynes had Twitter going nuts in March when she sent a tweet about Drake simply stated: “I want @drake to murder my vagina.” Get…

What young lady in her right mind says this to a guy. NO RESPECT will ever be given to her by anybody that sees this. Young girls and ladies you need to have respect for yourself  if you want a boy or man to respect you.  I hope and pray her parents don’t see this […]

(From Amanda Bynes has a new boyfriend who knows how to love her body right and she’d like us to know this has something to do with him being black.