President Biden addressed the nation on the Afghanistan situation during a press conference Friday (Aug. 20). Hear more inside.

Just in we have breaking news that the United States military drop what they are calling the mother of all bombs in Afghanistan. CNN says the bomb is an  MOAB 21,600-pound, GPS-guided munition that is the most powerful non-nuclear US bomb. CNN reports, The bomb was dropped by an MC-130 aircraft, operated by Air Force special […]

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New data shows a racial divide when it comes to how historical events are viewed.

A stretch of Bennett Place in West Baltimore has been blocked for 11 days because of violent. Only residents with ID’s are allowed on the street. Bennette Place has been the home of multiple shootings with lastest happening last night blocks away. Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Should streets with high levels of violence be block off to […]

16 year-old Gabby Douglas has become an instant sensation after becoming the first African-American woman to win the Women’s All-Around Gymnastics GOLD medal this summer at the London 2012 games. Her mom and siblings have been a constant fixture, by her side throughout it all. Initially, the word came that Gabby’s dad was extremely proud […]

More troops to go to Afghanistan.<!--more-->