2012 election

Chelsea Clinton will let you know why she thinks you should vote. Everybody has a decision to make in a few days and you need to excercise your right to vote. There is more going on and you can see it below. See More: VOTE Follow Me On Instagram/Twitter @Konan92Q President Obama Talks Election & […]

Find out if you can vote early. This election year is a very important one and everybody must go to the polls and VOTE. If you know people that need help of info they should call the board of elections. See More: Election Follow Me On Instagram/Twitter @Konan92Q   Samuel L Jackson Tells Every1 “To […]

It looks like Mitt and Sarah have something in common. Just when you thought they knew how to run for the White House. They make you scratch your head to try to understand their way of thinking. You can read the full story below. Read More: Mitt & Sarah Who Leaked The Mitt Romney Video […]

Via FoxBaltimore.com President Barack Obama  is happy with the  Supreme Court’s decision to  debunk parts of Arizona’s immigration law, but he still has concerns about the parts left in tack. The high court still gives authority to police to pull over any person who appears to be in the country illegally. President Obama,  amongst others, […]