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Chris Brown x Quavo

Source: Prince Williams / Wireimage

Well, it looks like the back and forth between Quavo & Chris Brown is continuing, with the Migos MC lashing back at the R&B heartthrob with a new diss track.

In case you missed the action so far, this all started when Breezy decided to fire a few shots at Quavo on “Freak,” a track from the deluxe edition of his 11:11 album. Quavo struck back a day later with the track, “Tender,” calling the singer to task for his violent and (allegedly) drug-fueled past.

Needless to say, Chris didn’t like that too much. On Sunday, he unloaded the entire clip with “Weakest Link,” which included some wild claims about Breezy allegedly being Saweetie’s sneaky link during her relationship with Quavo. He also had a not-so-cool bar about the death of Quavo’s nephew/groupmate Takeoff.

Quit talkin’ ’bout drugs, you the only pack that I’ve been smokin’ on (Woah)

I just hit my plug, told him, “Come back, I’ma need more than one” (Come on)

Your last album was a weed tray, just some bullshit that we roll up on (Brrah, baow, baow, baow)

You know it’s on, put you to bed, night, night, that’s Sudafed (Yeah)

Show me that I’m tender, bitch, time to prove what you just said (Boy)

R.I.P. Takeoff, he the only real one that got true respect

Crazy how when he died, everybody really wished it was you instead (Oh shit, brrah)

Oh yeah…. Did we mention that this may have all started because Quavo allegedly had a thing with Chris’s ex, Karrueche Tran, YEARS ago?

Okay, now that we are all caught up… that brings us to Monday (Apr. 22), with Quavo premiering “Over H*es & B*tches.” Needless to say, he left nothing unsaid on the track (with a chorus from Takeoff to boot).

Lil’ boy wanna die ’bout some c**chie? (Bow)

You still f*cked up ’bout Karrueche? (Damn)

You tried to beat up Teyana, (No cap) but Usher wouldn’t let you do it (Usher)

The cocaine got ’em, your honor (White), bipolar disorder, no wonder

You was the greatest, n*gga, you fumbled, going out sad, I’m watching you crumble

Why they got Quavo out here going back and forth with a singer that turned to a junkie?

Never got light skin versus brown skin, n*gga finna divide the country (Go)

N*gga, you ain’t been in the trenches

We stomping the yard, you know how that ended (Stomp)

Want smoke with me? Always beating, fighting over h*es and b*tches (Always beat)

Who gassed you up to put that out? Yeah, that was shitty, nigga (On God)

I can take a model b*tch and make a Saweetie, n*gga (B*tch)

Crackhead Michael Jackson, b*tch, you better beat it, n*gga

I’m still f*cked up about Takeoff, I want who did it, n*gga (Uh)

But that’s some real street sh*t, back to the industry (For real)

Where your baby mommas at? Know they got plenty tea (N*gga, f*ck that)

P*ssy, every time you see me, keep that energy (Keep that energy)

Can’t believe I gotta beat you ’bout some women beef

And here we are thinking that the Kendrick/Drake beef would be the messiest battle in rap right now. Sheesh.

Needless to say, social media is in shambles…again.

Check out some of the reactions below!


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16. And just in case you were wondering how Breezy feels about this….