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If you are a Kia owner, you might be in trouble.

Kia Boyz have gone viral after TikTok shows different people stealing and driving off with cars. The cars that are mainly being targeted are Kias and Hyundai’s. The trending Kia’s being stolen are those of the LX trim model and the Kia Boyz are using USB cables to do it.

In these circulating TikTok videos you can see just how the Kia Boyz are breaking in, stealing and starting the cars, all with an iPhone USB & USB-C cable.

In one YouTube video, a guy, Tommy G interviews the city of Milwaukee, gets a take on how the residents feel during this chaotic time and he actually interviews a few Kia Boyz themselves. One of the Kia Boyz in the video explains that the average Kia Boy is about 11-15 yeas old, he explains where the stash or dump the stolen cars at and even gives a live demonstration on how they steal, rip the start-stop button out and then power the cars using a simple USB cord.

The Kia Boy himself says the one thing you should not do, is leave a charger in your car. While they may have their own anyways, you are a 99.9% high risk if you leave on plugged in your car.

This interview also captured a group of Kia Boyz in action in the middle of the day driving and wrecking a Kia at high speeds into the front of someone’s house and lawn. Boys were hanging out the car in all windows and one guy was even laying on the hood of the car while the car was in motion.

Many of the residents are devastated by this. One woking class woman shared her experiences of having her car stolen by the Kia Boyz. She mentioned that she used her hard earned money to buy a car and be able to take her kids to work, but now she is left with a mis-matched hoopty car. Many of the other residents expressed that law help is needed to get these Kia Boyz and stealing situations under control.

In another interview, a woman in Detroit shared her experience of her 2022 Kia Sportage being stolen out of her driveway on the east side at 4am.  A woman, Latonia said, “I was parked right here, I pulled up right here, and my aunt knocked on the door and said, ”Tonia, where’s your car at?’” said Latonia. “(I said) outside, and she said ‘It’s not here.’”

“I felt defeated,” she said.

The Kia Boyz have even stretched out to Atlanta. Richard Eldredge, a 2019 Kia Soul owner, was shocked when a group of boys stole his “dad car” out of his gated midtown Atlanta apartment parking garage.

Surveillance video shows a group of four boys walking up to Eldredge’s car around 11 p.m. on July 7. Eldredge said a second Kia in the parking garage was broken into and a third Kia parked down the street was also stolen that night.

Eldredge said “These Kia’s are being taken all over the country. These are young boys – I would be shocked if they could shave let alone have a driver’s license at the age they are. It’s very disturbing young people are involved in this.”

Back to the interview with the Kia Boy, when Tommy G asked if they felt bad taking someone’s car ?, the Kia Boy said, “they have insurance” Tommy said, “well what if they don’t”, Kia Boy said, “well they should have, it’s illegal not to”.

Check out footage of Kia Boyz live in action below:

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