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ABC's "Black-ish" - Season Six

Source: Kelsey McNeal / Getty

It’s been nearly 12 years since we said goodbye to Joan, Maya, Lynn, and Toni, but our favorite Girlfriends are reuniting the October 8 episode of black-ish!

Here is what we know about this iconic episode so far:

All the girls are coming back: Former co-stars Persia WhiteGolden Brooks, and Jill Marie Jones will make a very special appearance playing Rainbow’s (Tracee Ellis Ross) homies!

It will tackle an interesting topic, Good ol’ feminism: See, in this episode, Bow learns Diane (Marsai Martin) and Ruby (Jenifer Lewis) don’t believe in feminism, so she brings her daughter to meet the ladies of her feminist group. When Bow’s friend thinks the group needs to be more inclusive (translation: too many white women), Bow invites three of her college girlfriends to join her group as “blackups.”

“This episode is about feminism and the interesting divide that occurs in the black community and white community around feminism, so she brings her friends from college,” Ross explained in an ABC featurette.

Jones added, “I love how topical the subject matters are and how important they are and they do it in a way where it’s not aggressively in your face, but you hear it.”

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EVERYBODY was on board for this!: “Our executive producer/showrunner right now came to me and said, ‘How do you feel about a Girl—’ He didn’t even finish the word, I was like, ‘What?! Yes! Yes!” Ross says in the video below.

White added, that she gets approached all the time about the eight-season show that ran from 2000-2008 on UPN and The CW. “There’s a need for [representation.] I think it was really so many people talking to so many of us over the years that really made it clear.”

The chemistry between the ladies was still there: According to White, the vibe between the four was “horrifyingly natural.”

“I was like, how has it been 11 years since we’ve worked together? I hear your voice and it feels like, just so natural and organic,” she said.

Brooks added, “I think we really captured pieces of that [Girlfriends world].”

The black-ish cast was there for it too:  “You know what, it was overwhelming. But it’s something that I welcome,” Anthony Anderson recently told Entertainment Tonight.

“It was great to see all of the young ladies back together again. They are a force to be reckoned with. Also, they were on the air for nine seasons, doing the airwaves and we were able to have all of that energy on our show, so it was a beautiful thing to see and a pleasure to work alongside them.”

As we previously reported, last month, Ellis shocked Black Twitter when she announced on social media that the gang was back together.

“So we have an extra special episode of black-ish and it’s a feminist episode and I brought in some backup from some of my girlfriends,” the Golden Globe winner coyly into her phone.

She then reveals these special guests, panning her phone camera on her girls.

“What??!! Shut every door!”

Golden joins in dancing with the ”Oh yes, hell yes, hell, yes!”

Listen: October 8 cannot come soon enough!

Want more? Here’s a peek at next week’s episode in pictures:

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