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As Dry January approaches its end, the pause in the enjoyment of libations may have given some imbibers a moment of clarity or change in routine. But just because Dry January is over, I’m sharing a few nonalcoholic options that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

I do want to apologize to all of our friends and partners out there for the late Dry January coverage but I had a bit of a dilemma that I want to be honest about. The Spirit.Ed column is one of the best things I’ve done in the editorial space because of my fondness for the history of the craft of cocktails and how spirits are made. I also want this segment of our site to be a place where we gather, learn, reflect, and even learn the importance of taking breaks from enjoying an adult beverage.

To repeat what I said last year in my Dry January roundup, I don’t drink daily and often take breaks that can go on for weeks. In all truth, my favorite thing to do is create and serve cocktails for my family and friends as I enjoy introducing people to the classics or getting them acclimated to the wide range of spirits. During these gatherings, I often sit back and watch everyone enjoy themselves, and never have one myself.

What I came to discover after doing my stint with Dry January is that I enjoy mocktails and nonalcoholic beer as I truly enjoy the taste of spirits and suds. I do understand the beauty of having an evening sip after a long day of work, or after your weekend chores are behind you but I don’t always want to feel the effects of a night out. And each year, companies are coming out with inventive mocktails, canned mocktails, alcohol-free brews, and wine, as more folks shift their drinking habits for whatever reasons they’ve set for themselves.

My aim with this roundup is to showcase options we’ve featured before along with selections that are new to us. Hopefully, you’ll find a new favorite below.

Cheers to you all.

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1. Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic

Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Source:Blue Moon

Blue Moon has been creating its crushable Belgian-style witbier since the mid-1990s and now has a nonalcoholic version of the brew. I haven’t tried this one yet but as the temps warm, I’ll be on the lookout for this.

Learn more here.

2. Dhos Spirits

Dhos Spirits Source:Dhos Spirits

Dhos Spirits is perhaps one of the very first nonalcoholic spirit brands I’ve tried and surprisingly, they nailed the concept of tasting like the real thing. I’m especially fond of its Gin Free expression. The brand’s website has a ton of cocktails but you can also stick to the classics or create your own.

Learn more here.

3. Free AF

Free AF Source:Free AF

Free AF surprised me the first time I tried out the brand. The New Zealand company has a proprietary element called Afterglow that mimics the so-called “burn” of alcoholic spirits. It truly does taste like the real thing.

Learn more here.

4. Fresh Victor

Fresh Victor Source:Fresh Victor

Fresh Victor was another brand I’ve tried in the past that blew me away. The company provides an array of fruit juice mixers that can be jazzed up with spirits but omitting the booze makes for a wide lane for mocktails. I tried their variety pack and every one of them worked due to the company’s recipe suggestions on their website.

Learn more here.

5. Jack Frost

Jack Frost Source:The Mocktail Club

The Mocktail Club is a new book from certified mixologist Derick Santiago and it is full of dazzling nonalcoholic, Instagram-ready mocktails which is right up my alley. I love putting together a showstopper of a drink. The photo I’m featuring is of the Jack Frost mocktail and you can find the recipe below and much more inside Santiago’s book.

Learn more here and here.

6. Mixoloshe

Mixoloshe Source:Mixoloshe

Mixoloshe is an award-winning mocktail and alcohol-free spirits brand co-founded by singer, actor, and model Zayn. I’ve tried out Mixoloshe’s canned cocktails and enjoyed them and hope to try out their nonalcoholic gin, tequila, and whiskey soon.

Learn more here.

7. Mocktail Club Canned Cocktails

Mocktail Club Canned Cocktails Source:Mocktail Club

Mocktail Club was founded by Pauline Idogho, who was seeking flavorful alcohol-free options in her travels but found she was coming up with nothing. Her creation can be enjoyed on its own out the can, in the proper glassware, or jazzed up for a variety of mocktails.

Learn more here.

8. Nirvana Super Cranberry Citrus Cooler

Nirvana Super Cranberry Citrus Cooler Source:Nirvana Super

Nirvana Super is the brainchild of Dr. Naji Abumrad, David Vanderveen, and NBA champion Kyle Lowry. While not formulated for mixology, Nirvana Super has an interesting story that folks should get into, especially those of us of a certain age. We’re featuring the brand’s Cranberry Citrus Cooler mocktail and we’ll share the recipe below.

Cranberry Citrus Cooler 

½ Nirvana Super™ Seltzer, Pineapple Orange
1 cinnamon stick
1 mandarin orange, peel and juice the rest6 ounces
Cranberry Juice

Lightly toast the cinnamon stick the oven or toaster oven for 60 seconds
Warm the cranberry juice over low heat with the orange peel and the toasted cinnamon stick, do not boil
Take off heat, let cool to room temperature
Squeeze the rest of the orange through a sieve over a bowl
Grab two glasses with ice, place juice of the orange between the two, top with cranberry mixture (peel and stick removed)
Top off with some Pineapple Orange Nirvana Super™ Seltzer. Enjoy!

Learn more here.

9. Optimist Botanicals

Optimist Botanicals Source:Optimist Botanicals

Optimist Botanicals was a brand introduced to me a couple of years ago as I began covering cocktails on the site and I was instantly impressed at how they mimicked the range of flavors found in actual spirits. I have one friend who has never had an alcoholic beverage but loves having mocktails and I put them on to Optimist and now they’re super fancy with it. Good times.

Learn more here.

10. Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% Source:Peroni

I first tried Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% last year and was blown away by the fact that there wasn’t any alcohol in the brew. On a warm day, and it is especially warm on the East Coast right now, reaching for one of these bad boys isn’t a bad idea at all. If you’re a fan of Peroni already but want to take a bit of a detour, start here.

Learn more here.

11. Q Mixers Bitter Rose Spritz

Q Mixers Bitter Rose Spritz Source:Q Mixers

Q Mixers might be the mixer I use the most in my home and their wide array of flavors and styles take some of the fuss out of enjoying a beverage. The brand also has recipes for mocktails and we’re sharing Q Mixers’ Bitter Rose Spritz below.

Zero Proof Bitter Rose Spritz

In a wine glass add

1 1/2 oz. Spirit Free Sweet Vermouth (we recommend Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso – Non-Alcoholic)
2 oz. Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rose (we recommend Prima Pave Rose Brut – Alcohol Free Sparkling
1/2 teaspoon Rose Water
Top with 2 oz. Q CLUB SODA

Garnish with rose petals and an orange slice

Learn more here.