Seems rumor is Chris Breezy just lost his star player to the number one rapper in the game Future. I wonder if him and Chris Brown got beef, should they anyway….as details come down you know I got you.     Click for full story   photos courtesy of getty images     […]

So rumor is it went down recently at a Canadian strip club in which Kevin Hart was leaving and allegedly his security got a little tough with house security and things got crazy. Owners said it was a misunderstanding and will be cleared up but just goes to show you people are human before they […]

      Can you say conspiracy….Rumors have it that world famous rapper Eazy E was given the HIV virus. Listen to the interview and you tell me what you think.   Catch me on the radio live and on all social media Twitter/facebook/instagram @lilblacktheceo      

Wow the beef continues Drake goes at Meek Mill again after aggressive fans start chanting F$$k Meek Mill and he responds ‘He’s Already Dead.” Will this bring a response from Meek I am waiting to see how it plays out.           Catch me on the radio live and all social media […]

  Does it ever end so now Drake is taking shots at Nicki Minaj in his song Dancing Diamonds. I really wonder like is all this staged. I mean with the money they have how can you not run across or have a convo wit the alleged people you suppose to have beef wit. Its […]

  So it seems Mr Steal Your Girl “Trey Songz” may have had his girl stolen by rapper Dflores. I tell you instagram and social media will get you into so much irrelevant beef and nonsense, but anyway again here we go RnB verses Hip Hop over maybe ego or maybe a female. Either way […]

This past weekend a Detroit man was stabbed after he came home to find his wife naked in bed…with her OWN father! After confronting the two, the older man grabbed a knife and stabbed the younger man – his daughter’s husband! The altercation took place outside the house and after stabbing his son in law, […]

  This is amazing footage. Coming off the record breaking premiere of “Straight Outta Compton” talks tweets and photos are already popping up about part2. If its anywhere as good is part1 this will definitely be another blockbuster sellout.           click here for full story           Catch […]

  Yoooo did you see the VMAs last night when I say Nikki threw the kitchen sink at Miley Live on TV OMG….Still trying to find out why before the assumptions go flying but you know I got you check story for yourself. click here for full story             Catch […]

  So K Michelle posted a video of herself running through the office in the nude and I must say she and her assets look beautiful.     K Michelle nude         Catch me on the radio live and on all social media @lilblacktheceo              

    Seems this little lovers beef between the two is really getting heated. Whether its real or fake I don’t know but here is what is being ALLEDGEDLY said happen.   click here for full story       Catch me on 92q live or on the web instagram/facebook/instagram @lilblacktheceo      

  Seems things aren’t quite yet settled between father and son rap artist Lil Wayne and Baby aka Birdman. While performing at Club Liv in Miami things got ugly once again.   click here for full story       Catch me in the streets instagram/facebook/twitter @lilblacktheceo