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Source: Victoria Said It / C.Mcgraw/Saint Louis

Boosie Bad Azz just can’t catch a break when it comes to his run-ins with the law. Last week, he was arrested by federal officials after he appeared in court for an unrelated ongoing gun case. The gun case was ultimately dismissed that day, but as soon as Boosie walked out the court room, he was arrested again. The specific details that led to this arrest remain unclear, but Boosie did recently put up his Rolls-Royce truck for sale with a post on Instagram listing the vehicle for $240,000 and asking for serious inquiries only. He’s like preparing for all the legal expenses he’ll have for yet another case, as he was booked on four charges, including felon in possession of a firearm, concealed carry weapons in a vehicle, possession of ammunition by a prohibited person, and unlisted owner of a registered firearm.

Now you would think Boosie has enough to worry about with his own legal troubles, but apparently he has enough time to support YNW Melly with his. The rapper is currently on trial for the double murder of two of his friends during what prosecutors are calling a drive-by shooting cover up in 2018. Boosie is one of the celebrities who appeared in court during the first week of the trial in support of YNW Melly, who is facing life in prison and possibly the death penalty, if convicted.

According to HipHopDX, the father of one of the murder victims, YNW Juvy, posted a video calling out those who support Melly, including Boosie, who he addressed directly, telling him to “go back to your hometown” and re-evaluate his priorities. He went on to say:

“Yall are b***hes, man. Boosie down there supporting Melly – he flaw as f**k for that. He don’t even know that n*gga Melly. He talking ’bout, ‘I want Melly free ’cause that n*gga bought me snacks and a magazine at the airport;’ What?”

Boosie has shared multiple posts about YNW Melly’s trial on Instagram and even mentioned that the case has inspired him to study law and consider becoming a defense attorney.