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Last week was a HUGE week for the NFL, as member met in Missouri to select to the “cream of the crop” to join any of the 32 teams. When it was all said and done, only 1 student, Isaiah Bolden of Jackson State, was drafted. Deion Sanders went on social media to congratulate Bolden but said he was “ashamed” of the 31 other football teams.

Coach Prime tweeted, “So proud is you


You deserved to be drafted much higher but I’m truly proud of u. I know how much u want this. I’m ashamed of the 31 other

@nfl teams that couldn’t find draft value in ALL of the talented HBCU players & we had 3 more draft worthy players at JSU.”


Shannon Sharpe has spoken out disagreeing with Sanders said. He shared with Skip Bayless sayig, “I’m going to disagree with Prime on this one. I believe if the guys were talented enough to get drafter, I believe they would have got drafter.”

While some have called Deion a race baiter for his recent remarks, while others think he is spot on with calling them out. WHat are your thoughts?