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Just when you thought you had heard it all, we can promise you haven’t. Today’s AP Report was sent to us by a loyal listener. Recently, on a TikTok a school secretary told a story that had our listeners in a frenzy. A mother of one daughter was recently caught between a rock and “two fathers.” The mother had been telling two guys they were the father of the five year old girl. 

A mother and father read a book to their son while seated on an airplane.

Recently, the mother and her “ex” best friend busted up over an unknown reason. In retaliation to the mother of the child, the best friend called both of the guys that were alleged to be the father of the young girl and told them that the daughter needed to be picked up. The best friend set up a scenario to have both of the guys meet at the school at the same time to pick up the daughter and thats when they found out about each other. Both of the guys were listed as emergency contact on the daughters school paperwork. 

The mother was eventually called and had to face the music. One of the guys was arrested for hitting the mother.

While we know the mother was wrong, what about the best friend? How would you have handled this?