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The streets are ghetto and it’s all because of the company you keep. While scrolling on the ghetto internet streets DJ Twisted came across an interesting story reported by “The Neighborhood Talk.”

A young lady said in an Instagram post, “her bridesmaid is planning her wedding the same week as hers, friend told her it’s the only week she can have it.” Now if that’s not enough in the video posted she also said, “she found out through the group chat that was set up by the friend that had the wedding scheduled first.” How does a real friend even do something like this. This has to be in the friend law handbook. 

Our listeners seem to think the same thing. As the calls poured in listeners made it clear that the young lady is wrong 100% for scheduling the her wedding the same week as her friends that always been planned. She also was wrong for sending the message in the group chat. Maybe we’re old fashion but this is outta pocket. Kelson of course thought our listeners were making too much of the situation. Just let the girl get married and replace the one that’s stepping aside.

What do you think? How would you feel? Let us know below.