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The NFL season is just a few Sundays away and traffic will be hectic on 95, again. It’ll be worth it once the “Flock” hits the field and according to recent reports, they may be joined by another young superstar receiver.

You see, there’s some contractual chaos going on up the road in Washington with their WR1, Terry McLaurin. He’s entering the fourth year of his career and has already proven to be one of the league’s best. His heroic athleticism is small in comparison to his leadership skills and maturity. That says a lot about who the Ravens would be adding to the locker room. His 222 catches went for 3,090 yards and 16 touchdowns in his young career. McLaurin has also proven to be consistently productive after recording yet another 1,000+ yard season in 2021. A trade for him is certainly worth conversation.

FOX Bet believes that the Baltimore Ravens have the third best odds at making it happen, behind Indianapolis (#1, +200) and Green Bay (#2, +300). Each of these teams have great rosters and could be front runners at a championship if they added another powerhouse receiver. I also don’t think it’s by coincidence that the team with the greatest odds is his hometown. But, third-place odds is a pretty good spot to fantasize about the possibility.

The add.

The best way to sum up what trading for Terry McLaurin could spell for Baltimore is stability. These locker rooms are so much deeper than X’s and O’s. It’s about the intangibles, to me. There are just certain qualities that you look for in leaders at different positions. Filling those holes is what curates the winning culture and allows teams to consistently succeed. Think about how Ray and Ed set the tone for Baltimore’s locker room to win championships. McLaurin would be another personality to help build morale and he’s the type that will give everything he’s got to the team. He also would be a much needed veteran in Baltimore’s young WR room.

But if you insist on just talking about the physical attributes, his quickness creates another level of route-running technique. It’s a level that a lot of DBs across the league struggle to reach. He’s got the acrobatics to keep up with Lamar Jackson’s quick-play ability and he’s got the smarts to make his own plays. His shiftiness can make goal-line stands even more of a nightmare for opposing defenses.

This trade could be a missing piece for Ravens. It would be all about what Baltimore would have to sacrifice in the deal. Speaking of deals…

The money.

Like any good professional, Terry McLaurin wants his money. He certainly is due a pay check after carrying Washington on his back for 3 years amid some of the nastiest controversy in NFL history. According to Kevin Eck, “McLaurin reportedly is seeking a contract similar to top receivers such as A.J. Brown, who signed a four-year, $100 million contract extension with the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason.”

He skipped Washington’s mandatory training camp this week while they work on a new deal. The sides are reportedly “far-apart” on an agreement.

That’s why the idea of trading for him is even conversation right now. I’m not all the way certain of whether the Ravens can offer McLaurin a new deal of his liking, so I will take my seat. But, I am sure that they will find the money whatever they think is worth it.

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