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After delays due to COVID (duh), the Millennium Tour 2021 rolled into Royal Farms arena, last night (Oct. 8). It was a show that I can honestly say kept me on my feet. Some of the hidden-intermission moments were mood killers, but the nostalgia of childhood memories was enough to bring back the energy.

Here’s what I witnessed.

Ashanti still got it.

You probably knew I would start here. Ashanti has had a stronghold on our culture for quite some time and that grip was evident last night. Her voice has aged just as gracefully as she did and she doesn’t look a day over 30. It still felt as warm as a summer night listening to her sing and I was happy to hear all the success she’s experienced throughout her career. Honestly, I was proud of our culture for supporting her for so long.

Right before dropping her chart-topping hit “Foolish”, she ran through the accolades that her and the song have accumulated over the years. She ended it with a reminder that she’ll be receiving a star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2022.

More from Lloyd.

We walked in to the sounds of Lloyd echoing through the arena. I specifically remember looking at my phone to double-check the time and to confirm that it was early. A little too early for Lloyd in my opinion. 

His hits like, ‘You’, ‘Lay It Down’, ‘Southside’, and others have spent significant time on the charts. Even beyond the receipts, I’d want to see more from Lloyd based on his musicality alone. Hell, when we walked in he had the guitar in his hand and the crowd at his mercy. Honestly, I’ve always wanted bigger stages for Lloyd but somebody has to play the underdog role in every story.

At least we were able to appreciate his talents last night.

Omarion still has a story to tell.

Out of everyone on the card, Omarion was the only one who made me feel like he was really trying to sell new music. It’s one of those feelings that you can’t explain but know exist; the look on an artist’s face when they have a story on their hearts. I wouldn’t be surprised if Omarion continues to remain relevant and provide chart-topping (but, quietly successful) hits for many years to come. It may be hard to fathom but his best days may still be ahead of him. That’s saying a lot.

Also, it was dope to witness the Omarion/Bow Wow dynamic live.

Just the beginning, I think.

I mentioned earlier that the show did have some dead spots. It’s a new style of nostalgia so, I expected some of the awkward moments. It’s just the second installment of the concert series and I believe it will grow. The tour holds prime real estate in terms of the demographic they serve. Reaching us will only get better and I expect that the shows will evolve.

Were you at the show? What did you think? Let me know on Instagram, my DMs are open. Video clips courtesy of Concert Daily.