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Diamond Ring with Other Diamonds

Source: mevans / Getty

Listen, weddings are hectic. From the planning, to invitations and not to mention narrowing down who’s worth the plate you’re about to pay for. Never on television or in real life have I have seen the story that was recently released.

In an online Chinese magazine called The Oriental reported most recently, the mother of the groom noticed a unique birthmark on her soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s hand, one she recognized because it was similar to the one on the hand of her long-lost daughter who went missing decades earlier.

The bride’s new mother-in-law then broke the news to her, causing her to break down in tears but not because she was about to marry her brother. Instead, the bride was overjoyed to meet her biological mother, describing her feelings as “happier than the wedding day itself.”

Well we wish them well and hope they learn more about their family tree ASAP!