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Low Angle View Of Rollercoaster Against Sky

Source: Duaa Awchi / EyeEm / Getty

Twenty-four riders were stuck on the Joker’s Jinx roller coaster for hours Thursday night at Six Flags America in Largo, Maryland. Fire Department officials in Prince George’s County say no injuries were reported.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. How would you react if you were stuck in midair on a rollercoaster?

living_lovin15 omg😩😩😩😩i love roller coasters but as i get older i say i’m not gon ride them bc of stuff like this😩😩😩why! that has got to be a horrible feeling, especially if your stuck on the down up side

g33zy30 Hopefully I was sitting next to a nice lady so we could had convo and told when we get off let go eat

whthershey209 All I would think about it the money they about to pay me 😂😂😂

princebabymichael thinking about money

simpleeshanneeI would have went off on everybody 😩😩 idc idc

daniheartscurls It’s funny how law suit happy our society is, when you walk in an amusement park, everything you get on is a risk. There are signs posted everywhere.

iamdjbunk@drejohnson1 I’m not getting my big a$$ on them anyway

giovannis_treats They need to close this ride down PERMANENTLY. I went to Six Flags about 2yrs ago and the same thing happened. My family had just gotten off that ride when the next set of riders got stuck and they were there for over 6hrs. Mind you it was over 90 degrees that day and the riders had no shade or cover… you would think they would have mastered how to get those people down QUICKER

chuckstarr39 That wld just add more excitement and adrenaline…now if I were in a loop caught upside-down..then…..

blacklivesmatter_scorpion WOW! My exact reason why I don’t ride them. Didn’t hear about this but hope everyone is safe.

comediantdicks@drejohnson1 now that I’m older I’m almost certain i would’ve had a panic attack

urbaninforme rI would have died…as soon as it stopped and we wasn’t at the gate. RIP!

blackbeautydivah Crying and praying

selfmadegeezy_We going to be good lets pray n then cut these checks💵💯

everydayischristmas I’ve been trapped on a roller coaster. It’s oddly quiet…until someone starts crying

sdeedot We went there every weekend last summer and never had incident

tothebreakofdawn Pass the hell out


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