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Shad Moss Birthday Celebration At Gold Room

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

For the first time in a long time, I am agreeing with something that Bow Wow aka Shad Moss is saying. He vented his concerns on his Instagram.

“Fans have the power to change an artist life by supporting their talent which causes money flow to the artist which also changes the artist life financially. The riches come from the people. This should make an artist always be appreciative of the fans. Take a pic sign something it never hurts. Whats funny how if I did half the bs your fav artist does id be hung. Wake up! When you gone see your being fucked over. Yall support artist who A. Over charge yall for everything. B. Walks out on yall shows. Shows up 6 hours late. Artist feel they can do this to y’all because of the power YOU GAVE THEM. Take that shit back! Stop supporting the artist who don’t fuck w you. Im tired of these guys yo. Feeling like they cant be touch is big as my uncle snoop is, he stops for everyone thats why he’s an icon. Obama he’s a peoples person. These other guys just want y’all money. 500$ tix? Fuck you thats rent. When you see what i know, maybe you’ll wake up!”

I honestly couldn’t agree with Shad more.