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Jail Cell

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Dre’s #nightcap.. New Mexico mother and son face up to 18 months in jail for their incestuous relationship. They’ve been dating for two years. What are your thoughts? #thezone

k__danette Just Sick

whthershey209 What the hell is wrong with people. Just sick.

a1tyesha Totally disgusting I can’t even put that thought in my mind, what was the race?

jpeops I’m not surprised. Folks are crazy and don’t care. @drejohnson1 Jesus be a Fence

110988 Nasty and a disgrace

bmores.wildest.savage Wait so the mother and the son was dating each other.. its disgusting

lalawson922 I guys it’s crazy everywhere!!

bazz_realnigga F**k No I would Not put that in my head I will said people just crazy out here 💯💯💯 that sad

imperfectly_focused It’s nasty they going to hell @Dre Johnson1

imperfectly_focused that’s disgusting @drejohnson1

alwaysthere4 I have no words…she is no mother and really needs some mental help

nicolemarie_is_she That’s absolutely insane!!! I love my son and I would never ever look at my him that way!!!I carried him in my womb for 9 months,how could I have anything other than a mother /son relationship!!!

patrice_1979 Nasty…..nasty…..nasty……plain & simple…

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