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Key Talk Takeover: DJ Khaled at 92Q Jams Baltimore

DJ Khaled‘s got 29 artists featured on his ninth album of his 10-year career on July 29 and ‘heen ain’t even know it!

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That coincidence is what Khaled told 92Q’s “Kels in the Afternoon” is some great music. Iconic fire. Like the track he sampled Lauren Hill and tapped Nas to spit on. And the track he put on his Quincy Jones hat to make with Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Chris Brown and August Alsina — you can hear it all this Friday.

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In between dishing on the forthcoming album (perfectly titled Major Key) during his stop in Baltimore, Khaled also shared hilarious and inspiring stories of his recent encounter with a lion, what he did to get Jay Z to notice him, his first reaction when he found out Beyonce wanted him to tour with her, why his collab with Nas will go down in history and which song on his album might cause your girl to um… melt. Watch:

Clip 1

Clip 2

Want to see more? Click here to peep DJ Khaled whole live streamed interview. 


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