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Muhammad Ali

Source: Franco Origlia / Getty

His body isn’t even cold yet and folks on some foolishness. According The Mirror, girlfriend of the legendary Muhammed Ali is offering amateur sextapes of the boxer.

“Barbara Mensah, who alleges her daughter Kiiursti is the lovechild of the three-times world heavyweight champion, wants a six-figure sum for the footage. Just two days after The Greatest was buried at a funeral attended by world leaders and celebrities, grasping Barbara told the Sunday People : “I know the value of the footage. “No one has anything like this. I’d like to get as much as I can for it.”

The scheming mum said she is looking for more than $100,000”

She claims the video is from after one of fights at the “gumbo parties” where some of his male friends and dozens of women would be in attendance.

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