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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. What’s the best time to have sex, morning, noon or night? @92qjamsbmore ‪#‎thezone‬

Toiya Best Anytime

Stripe Brody Anytime I can get it. With the right lady. Or ladies

Toiya Best Smh lol

Stripe Brody Hey. I’m just being honest

Dwayne Torain Anytime, long as that connection is there

Tashia Smith When I didn’t have a kid I would say any time of the day. When the kid is home I would say at night and in the am. Lol

Charles Smith Morning

Jinaki Johnson Anytime, but it’s something about that GOOD MORNING love

Eryn Brown Early morning knowing the kids r getting ready to wake up and workflow in effect but u gotta release one last time. Yyyeesss!! Lol

Kiesha Black Yeah morning

DjBunk Dodson Morning sex is awesome omg you feel like a king

Kenisha Warren Anytime!

Tee Williams Morning Noon & Night!

Anita Crockett Anytime is a good time

DjBunk Dodson Morning sex is awesome omg you feel like a king

sheheaven Def morning. What a way to start your day!

im_kbee Anytime!

successful_tony For me anytime is the best time to have sex but if I had to choose it would be at night

whthershey209 I like it anytime. Mornings will get ur day started…afternoon quickies will keep u going and nighttime to put u to sleep 😜

highseoul Mornings!

diggs1714 Morning

missla93 In the words of Janet “anytime, anyplace” 😏

infinitipea Morning 😆

iam_jayyyyyyyyy @92qjamsbmore all 3

davyjthevirgo That mid day crank out be so needed lol

pbrob85 Morning…cuz my man be at full attention in da morning

ms_pook Morning

phenomenalleo Morning

erpm3l Morning

its_a_thinkin_game All the time wifey said 😀😁😁


o_so_lalalicious ALL THE TIME