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Please honey forgive me, I have made a mistake!

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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. Name one thing that you had to forgive someone for? ‪#‎thezone‬


Charles Smith Great night cap. I had to forgive myself. Not going into detail, but I bought hurt and pain to a lot of innocent people who became victims because of my actions. I carried a lot of guilt and shame, so therefore I had to forgive myself before I could ask the ones that fell victim for their forgiveness.

chereeseb78 My father for up and leaving my Mother with all the responsibility of taking care of me while she struggled doing it and him living care free and told him I forgive you because one day you will have your judgment day to answer to the LORD.

07_leo_25 I had to forgive my biological father for denying me and not being there

polishedperfectionboutique Forgiving the person(s) who murdered my nephew.

rokstarr2 I had to forgive this city 4 doubting themselves #Rokstarr

Jinaki Johnson My mom ,whom I love dearly, for not being there during my younger years while she went off to pursue her degrees, etc to become successful. I was primarily raised by my grandmother. I understand the sacrifice but at the time I felt hurt. I’m grateful that GOD has allowed our relationship to blossom and the subconscious bitterness has been removed.