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In this episode of RHOA, we finally get to meet Kim Fields. Unfortunately, her first aired cast interaction involved a meeting with Kenya. That hasn’t gone left yet, but Kenya wants to go into business with Kim, so it will soon enough.

Here’s the backstory:

Kim Fields is an accomplished actress and director, in case you didn’t know. She is most known for her roles as Tootie on The Facts of Life, and Regine Hunter on Living Single, she has also directed episodes of House of Payne, and Meet the Browns among other things. Basically, she has an accomplished career and doesn’t belong on this show. Then again, the same thing was said about Kandi, and she’s still here. Anyway,Kenya is still trying to get her project, Life Twirls On, some play, so she wants Kim Fields to take a look at it with her professional eye. Kenya thinks that they could work well together and looks forward to doing business with Kim. The rest of us are just like, Kim…


Moving on, Porsha has another special moment. It’s hard to keep track of them all (and nothing tops the “Who drove the Underground Railroad” debacle yet), but she reminds us just how fantastically dim she is when her sister, Lauren, announces that she is 12 weeks pregnant. To the rest of us, 12 weeks means 3 months because, you know, 4 x 3 = 12. However, Porsha said she “couldn’t compute.”


Speaking of Porsha Think…

Porsha threw a surprise going away party for her young footballer boo, Duke. Most of Porsha’s friends and family seem to like Duke, but they think that Porsha is rushing things with him. Lauren, in particular, really isn’t on board since Duke is only 24. It’s also important to note that Duke has allegedly been spotted with prostitutes while in a relationship with Porsha (this was brought up at the party, but surprisingly it didn’t blow up and become a major melodrama). In the end, Cynthia gives Porsha the best advice during her confessional, which is, “Follow your heart, but just take your brain with you.”

Yeah…what brain?

The highlight of the episode is the heart to heart we’ve all been waiting for. Kandi and Phaedra finally get together in private to talk about their friendship that fell off. Kandi seems more open in explaining her side of things. Phaedra is doing the nice-nasty schtick that she does, and has been doing. Part of this fallout has to do with the fact that Phaedra felt some type of way toward Kandi, but didn’t verbalize it. Instead, she did passive aggressive things that would hurt Kandi, so Kandi got the memo and distanced herself. As their conversation starts getting more heated, it’s obvious that there was a misunderstanding somewhere along the way, but it really just seems like Phaedra was mad at Kandi because of Todd and Apollo’s friendship. In the end, they make up. Phaedra gets all teary-eyed and expresses that she wants her friend back, but DonJuan calls BS. He thinks that Phaedra is being fake-dra with crocodile tears. Hopefully that isn’t the case, especially since they’ve been friends since before the show. However, we do know that Phaedra is shady and DonJuan definitely be knowing. That’s why Kandi hired him!

Kandi seems to think she and Phaedra are in a better space and that they’ll work toward getting back the relationship they once had, but I have a feeling that DonJuan’s sneaky suspicions are correct.

We’ll just have to keep watching, though. See you ladies next week!


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