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The West Coast OG and hip-hop icon, Snoop Dogg is going to be make another appearance on Monday Night Raw next week. Snoop is known to bring a party and vibe that is incredible, with possible high shock value. He’s said and done some wild things over the years and we want to see him bring some of that to the WWE.

Here are five Snoop moments we want to see on Monday Night Raw.

Snoop “G Checks” The New Day and tells them they can’t wear blue anymore: What better way for the New Day to get the right revamp, than to have Snoop tell them they can’t wear blue anymore because they disgrace the color? Now for TV purposes, they can’t make it a gang thing, but telling them, “That’s my favorite color and you can’t wear it anymore” would serve as a good segment, especially if they were to lose a match that night.

Snoop and Vince McMahon watch Raw and sip Gin and Juice: Hopefully “The Boss” Mr. McMahon makes a special appearance and get a chance to kick it with Snoop backstage. Seeing Mr. McMahon with a plastic cup and a few “Brizzles” while sipping Gin and Juice could give us Attitude Era nostalgists something to talk about.

Snoop brings out special guest Bishop Don Juan, The Godfather and his “Ho Train:” The Godfather is due for another TV appearance. What better time than when the Big Boss Dogg and The Bishop are the ring?

Snoop gets smoked out with Rob Van Dam: Even though the substance abuse policy hasn’t been RVD’s friend, you can’t deny this would be pretty funny. Add that to the Exotic Express carrying Snoop to the ring with all the freaks and colors, and you have another memorable segment for the fans. Yes, this would mean a rare RVD appearance, but this is the only guy it makes sense for currently. We know CM Punk won’t be there to flush his blunt down the toilet.

Snoop opens up the show as “Todd:” Instagram is a very different audience and animal from an actual live crowd in an arena. Snoop in white face may get cheers or jeers. We honestly don’t know from what we’ve seen. Let’s get that in-the-moment reaction of Snoop’s white alter ego, Todd this Monday.

With Wrestlemania on the way, we need some excitement. The last few episodes have kind of gotten repetitive. Let’s get a new spark The Dogg!


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