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You can have a feeling something is going on, but do you end things based on a feeling? Some people need to see the cheat in order to move on.

Do you need to see the cheat to believe it?

  • Yes…the only way to be sure is to see it with your own eyes…assumption based of heightened emotions leads to irrational decisions
  • No most of the time women know when their man is cheating just by their actions.
  • Now for a man yes i need proof gotta see it for myself because #womenareslickwithitbestcheaters
  • Nope, Because Your Women Intuition Never Lies Plus Guys Start To Act Different!
  • Most women don’t need to see it, but they want to just so there’s no way the man can lie about it! Seeing IS believing!
  • Nope if I see physical evidence like text,pictures, etc I’m done don’t need to see them two in action cause the proof already shown 
  • Maybe… sometimes you’re so blinded by love that you ignore all the signs and then even if someone tells you what’s going on, if you don’t see proof for yourself or get a confession from your lover, there’s always a chance that it out could or could not be true. Seeing it is the only thing takes the “what if” out of the equation

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