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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. DNA results allegedly show Michael Jackson has a 31 year old son. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #FRIDAY


Jemar Jerry McCoy It’s possible sometimes stars have backstage flings or affairs on the road, even if they are or are not married it’s apart of that big entertainer life! IJS Lols

Kevin Griffin If so congratulations to the King!

Toiya Tko Best Really though???? Why is he just saying something now????

Renee’ Hill-Carter He does look like him! Wow and who would have thought!!

Vonnie Fatz Long Lol thought he was shooting blanks

Jermaine Townes How can he look like tha after surgery mike… if he his son he would look like tha old mike….NAW!!!

Marie Jones GTFOH

Stuart Goodall I call bullshit. Remember DNA is DNA. Plastic surgery does not pass via DNA. That said, explain dudes nose.

Deidre Livingmylifetothefullest Bryan Michael ain’t never stick his weenie in no c**chie

TheSlew RocksonAdventure I’m happy and like the idea the young man is in the entertainment world

Anthony Baker That’s not his son..that’s probably his lil brother. Michael wasn’t hitting nothing. .lol

Renee’ Scott-Richardson Plz he could have got cosmetic surgery to look like him who knows

TaVida Rice he doesn’t look anything like Michael!! that picture he is being compared to is like 100 plastic surgeries later!!!

Selfish Shay Tatum I guess Billy Jean was his lover.

LaToshia MommieGirl Davis First of all, he must look like his mother because we all know that’s not Mike’s nose or any other features for that matter.

jpjp1983all i can say is bck money. if its.true #early

missjae1908 Why is this just coming out? Is he looking for a check?

tatmylife Man let mike Rest in Peace , after 31 years without mike, he can live the rest of his life without em. #younotgettingacheck

wakeup_staypaid@drejohnson1 bruh people dont realize MJ wasn’t born with pale skin and straight hair lol so why all these “Kids” of his gotta look like post surgery Mike smh #DontBelieveTheHype #HeUsedToBeBlack lol

coreyharold  So what. ..dude 31 a grown ass man ….still wondering why. We all know Mike didn’t acknowledge him ..I guess he needs some money if Mike have any left he’s not getting any back money cause his mother knew and any know who’s is she..mmmmmmmn

ybrown5Who cares!?

djdeelamont Well I guess Billie Jean was right

killakabonline GM .. If he is his son (he’ll get paid) .. But yeah I agree with both @jpjp1983 and

@missjae1908 statement

bigbeefyy_  Hell naw lol Michael had a fat nose, brown skin, etc. before the plastic surgery,. There’s no way this 31yr old was born with the same kind of plastic surgery lmao Look at the features, especially the nose. Imma need these results to come thru @drejohnson1

lady_raven81 What took so long?

natethedriverfields Man anybody can get face work done…. MJ was a brown skin boy from Gary, Indiana. .. your right @wakeup_staypaid, these people got surgery to look like Michael Jackson! @drejohnson1 this dude needs to have several sets!

mr_tmason@drejohnson1  got to listen his song Dirty Diana he was telling us about the groupies

terrell75@wakeup_staypaid Same thing I was just saying. How does this guy come out looking like the light skin Mike when Mike was really darker with a fat nose lol

flygirl5711 Looks like him

bishopmeb2 It’s time to call Maury and get the actual factual! If Mike is the baby papi then good to go but how many time is it that someone tried to claim they were MJs kid? #WeShallSee

tia_victoria_ My son is light skin like me but his father is brown skin so yea, this could be his son. Especially of his mother is white

labellerochelle Hey that’s @bhowardofficial !!!!

holykaron #ByeFelicia

dbright2014 O well. Dam if it is dam if he’s not. Idgaf it’s Friday turn down for what

westsidewizzy Wow!! Thats his son for real! Lls

speakeeez #nope …. #MikiHoward and #MichaelJackson (original genes) mixed is not gonna look like that! Michael has a WIDE nose and so does Miki and the both have mocha skin. Did this dude have surgery?? Cos that’s not “Lil Michael Jackson’s” son!!! #stop

shonta_bird Why wait so long to say something. It’s all about the Benjamin’s Baby

driver3804 Dre you know that Billie Jean song the kid is not my son Mike ain’t shit denied that not early. But where the fuck is Billy Jean ass at

missjae1908@killakabonline He said that he’s not looking for a check, but I don’t believe it. Everyone is always looking for a quick fix.

driver3804 He was born in the early 80″s around the time Billy Jean came out listen to the words

bubbychulo We all know Michael had Bell pepper nose breathing all the White man’s air until he became one. . Lol 😂😂

grandman116 Can HE sing tho?!?!?

lincstokes_51 If it was true I’m sure Miki Howard would have something to say…

beautifullyflawed28 Dude looks like him..I think it is his son.. He has his own career & money.. so it doesn’t matter … plus everyone knew Micheal was freaking hella women


#FEEDME: Michael Jackson’s Alleged 31 Year Old Son Says He Has Proof! [PHOTO]

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