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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Happy Tom Ford Thursday! What’s your favorite Jay Z album? #92qjams #baltimore? #92qjams #baltimore

Anthony Baker Hands down the Blueprint.

Cornell TopGun Willis Hard knock life 2!

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Blueprint was thee hottest and my fav….Good morning Dre!!

Tonya LuvinLife Sloan Reasonable Doubt!!!!!

Al Sprakton‏@LongLiveWally @DreJohnson1 The Blueprint without a doubt! Song Cry is one of his greatest joints.

Dildo Faggins‏@Kay2Wavey410 @DreJohnson1 Reasonable Doubt is untouchable yo #breakfastbite #92qjams #baltimore

Kiana Eboné‏@Daaance_Ki4 @DreJohnson1 Black Album, without a doubt, Reasonable Doubt is the best but favorite definitely the Black Album

DJDeeLamont‏@DJDeeLamont @DreJohnson1 #breakfastbite his unplugged album was Sooo dope. I would love to see him do a volume 2

Matthew E. Bradby II‏@BishopBradbee @DreJohnson1 GM…my favorite Jay Z album without a doubt is REASONABLE DOUBT

JayMoney Hackett™‏@DaReal_JayMoney @DreJohnson1 blueprint 3 was game changing. Deff one of the some of the best work he dropped. What up Dre

Dynamic511‏@dynamic @DreJohnson1 MTV Unplugged. The Roots, Pharrell and Jay Z.

r_kima The Dynasty: Roc La Familia @drejohnson1

mrl3wiswif3 The Black Album…. My man went in.

teeter_zulu reasonable doubt black album American Gangster Magna Carta @drejohnson1

meagypooh86 Blueprint, black album @drejohnson1

nickgage84 summerBlueprint 2, Second Disc Only

lovlivfree Blueprint

doeboyr7 Blueprint 2 @drejohnson1

mrscookie73 @drejohnson1 Blueprint

imeazy Vol2 Hardknock life.. his coming out

imeazy Breakthru to the mainstream

imperfectlyphoenix Reasonable doubt and the blueprint 2

alltimefresh Magna carter holy grail!

murkskyhigh Reasonable doubt and the first blueprint @drejohnson1

phhorsey Reasonable doubt

jptrintaylor Reasonable doubt

tykaiya82 Reasonable doubt

nodramaclint83 The blueprint 3 never was an fan until this album

sleek410 The Blueprint #TheTakeover

dj5starrRd hands down

brucemanorz_kuntry The last good jay z album was #TheBlackAlbum everything after is wack

beatrice_bright I loved Blueprint! Magna Carta is buppin too tho!!!

beatrice_bright* bumpin! Lol

courtneysongz Blueprint 3 was inspirational

daveth3king Are you really asking that lol you know it’s Reasonable Doubt!

roxziastar Volume 2 – classic!!!

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