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Ladies please be very choosy with who you decide to have kids with and fellas if you have kids or plan on having some please read this info I gathered from smartlivingnetwork.com  Having a good father effects children in so many different ways.  Here are a few:

Active, Loving Fathers…

  • Improve Their Children’s Behavior and Intelligence. Even in low income families, compared with children of absentee fathers, children with actively parenting fathers in their early through mid childhood were better behaved and smarter.
  • Decrease Their Children’s Chances of Smoking or Criminal Behavior. Studies show that children of positively active fathers are less likely to smoke or commit a crime.
  • Have Children With More Successful Friendships. Studies showed children with a positive father figure developed more successful relationships with other children of both genders than those without.
  • Have Adult Daughters That Happier.Woman who had a good relationship with their father at age 16 rate their mental and physical wellbeing higher and have better relationships with their partners at age 33.

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