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17-year-old Jordan Russell Davis, a black teenager, and several friends were confronted by Michael Dunn, a white male, who pulled alongside the teens’ SUV in the parking lot of a Jacksonville, Fla gas station. Dunn asked them to turn their music down, and after an exchange of words, he fired between 8 and 9 shots at the vehicle, several of which hit Davis, causing his death.

Dunn left the crime scene and checked into a hotel before cops found him and took him into custody. Dunn was arrested on Saturday and charged with murder and attempted murder.

Michael Dunn is now singing a similar tune as George Zimmeran did during the Trayvon Martin case, while his lawyer is saying her client “acted responsibly and in self defense”  but there were no weapons found the the teens vehicles.

When will the violence stop?

Check out the full story below with an interview from the shooters daughter.

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