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Powerful melodies concerning maters of the heart are what you get from recording artist Wish, in her latest project, “Me Against Her”. The Baltimore native revisits what essentially helped to mold her into the artist she is today, R & B.

Wish wanted to make one thing clear to her fans on the mixtape wishtape. R & B and gospel music was what got her started, she is and will forever be a songstress.

“Feel your beat was a very organic record and we played around in the studio with it… but I don’t want people to get it misunderstood, Wish is a singer,“ Wish assured.

The EP is packed with 15 original tracks produced and written by her best friend and business partner, Donny Roc.  He was evidently working hard with Wish as it took six months to complete the tape and there were still some tracks that didn’t make the cut.

“[We] definitely had some that didn’t make the cut. There were some that I wish I could have fit on there, but I didn’t want to make it a three package deal.”

In addition to the hard work put in to produce this project Wish has been working diligently to create something that her fans could appreciate even more.  Through practice, studying and vocal lessons by Universal Studios recording artist, Jeremiah Abiah (Mint Condition, Lalah Hathoway),  Wish has indulged herself in her art to create what could be mistaken for a debut album, “Me Against Her”.

“I want [my fans] to recognized that I have grown vocally, like that is very important to me. .. I really want to take my vocals to the next level,” an eager Wish said.

Fans will get more than vocal range on this project. Let’s not get it twisted just yet; while the lyrics were written by the pen of Donny Roc, the inspiration comes from all that Wish has been through. Wish grants her fans insight on her personal life.

Tracks such as “What’s Her Face”, “Everything from You” and “Taken Man” are just ones that the songstress hold dear, but each track resonates with her in a special way.

“Donny Roc is my best friends and he writes from our conversations and things we both go through; so at one time or another that [stuff] really happened.”

Wish ensures us there is an album in the works. There is no date fo it yet, but be assured that that “Me Against Her” is very close to an album.

Download “Me Against Her” and tell us what you think.

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