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With the recent issues I’ve been having regarding retrieving money that I deposited into my banks ATM machine I had a long and tedious time talking to multiple customer service reps that were less than friendly when assisting me with my issue. To make matters worse when I took my son to the doctors for his physical even the doctor’s bedside manner could use a serious re-evaluation! Long story short, customer services is an important part of having your customers return and refer a business. Here are some tips to deal with those less than friendly customer service reps.

1.      Calm Down: Don’t get irate with the rep as it will cause them to retaliate and make resolving your issue even more challenging.

 2.      Ask For A Manager: If the issue can’t be handled with the person you’re dealing with, go to the one above them.

 3.      Explain The Situation: When talking to the manager explain the situation clearly and concisely to get the matter addressed quickly.