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SPECIAL K’S Top 5 Toddler Lawsuits:
  • 5) 3 yr old in Milwaukee got sued for squeezing a red Capri Sun on man wearing a white suit……
  • 4) 2 yr old in Charlotte sued for $430 for running through McDonalds and knocking over a dude tray with a hotcakes and sausage platter with a large OJ……..
  • 3) 4 yr old in Ft Worth sued for emotional distress cuz she kept grabbing the remote in her pre-k class and changing the channel from YoGabbaGabba to “The Wendy Williams Show”……

  • 2)  4 yr old in Baltimore was arrested and sued for $1,386 for putting a can of Vienna Sausages in a microwave at a gas station and setting the timer on 8 minutes and started a fire…..
  • 1)  5 yr old in Miami was sued for indecent exposure and sexual harrassment for standing up in the middle of a mall in front of his 46yr old babysitter and pulling down his pants and asking her if she could “do it with no hands”…….
Sponsored by…..not the diaper company, its just a group of people that go around giving hugs to strangers…..

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