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Let’s face it, throughout your day, there will be someone or something that will make you angry. Whether it’s another motorist, a bill collector or the cashier at your local grocer, you may often find yourself biting down on your lip in order to remain calm. Here’s several techniques you can use to ward off outbursts of anger.

Realize that anger in itself is not bad. Anger is simply our body’s way of letting us know that there is a conflict. Controlled anger can bring resolution. Anger that gets out of control can bring trouble and chaos. Try your best to maintain a positive attitude throughout your day.

Seek peace in your life. Anger tends to build up, and whenever you counteract this by being peaceful, you win

Try laughter. Laughing has a way of dissolving anger, and can often turn a stressful situation around. Laughter begins with a smile.

Read the signs. Am I uptight most of the time? Do I need to relax? Do others see my anger more that I am willing to? Be honest with yourself. If your anger tends to fester for long periods, or you display destructive behavior when mad, maybe it’s time to speak to someone that can help you to process your anger in a constructive way.

Try to remain calm.

Add humor to your day.

Smile often.

See both sides of an issue.

Don’t lash out.

Don’t become destructive.

Don’t expect too much.

If anger gets out of control, seek help.

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