For weeks now, we have been hearing about the collabo. Ever since Brandy & Monica fans heard about them being in the studio together, they have been searching the net for just a snippet. Weeks ago, I was fortunate to be one of the first to hear the unmastered version of ‘It All Belongs To Me’. When I first heard it, I knew it would be a woman’s anthem. You can expect Brandy’s deep raspy voice and Monica’s vibrato filled runs-all of these help you love the song that much more.

In the song, you hear Monica & Brandy making it clear that everything that their ex has, ‘It All Belongs To Me’

“Loving you so hard, and the way you acting ain’t no help/ You must blind, You must be dumb, You must be trippin’, You must be crazy (you must be out your damn mind), to think I’m gonna let you off that easy. I know you’re mad/Can’t take no more/ but put that back, it ain’t yours/Have a fit, Slam the door, leave them bags on the floor/ that sh*t belongs to me! Those clothes, those cars, those rings, that Mac-book..that sh*t belong to me/ Log off your Facebook…it all belongs to me”

Listen: It All Belongs To Me

Amber Rose In The Studio With Monica