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We have always defended Rihanna‘s tenacious fashion choices, and looked at her as an emerging fashion icon.

But as The Fashion Bomb points out, as of late our favorite “rude-girl” has been completely abandoning the clothes altogether. Many of the same fashionistas who once admired Rihanna‘s sense of style are left wondering, what happened?

It seems like Riri’s fashion trajectory has peaked, and is now settled into a steady decline. While she has always been a master of “pushing the envelope” with her fashion choices, it seems that the envelope has fallen off the proverbial fashion table and is in danger of being swept up and thrown away altogether.

While we love the brazen attitude and who-cares demeanor, Rihanna, we implore you to take it back to basics; and by basics we mean bothering to put something (anything) on. After all, you can’t be a fashion icon if you don’t even bother to wear clothes.

In “Hard”one of her latest singles to hit airwaves, Rihanna asks, “where the bloggers at?” Well Rihanna, we’re right here, and we are all saying to you in unison, “where the clothing at?”

Take a look at some of Rihanna‘s most recent revealing looks:

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Take a look at Rihanna’s video for “Hard:”

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