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In the wake of reports that popular hip-hop DJ Mister Cee was arrested for public lewdness, the discussion of homosexuality in hip-hop has been given renewed light. Author Terrance Dean, who penned the book Hiding In Hip Hop: On The Down Low in the Entertainment Industry From Music to Hollywood,  weighed in on the topic from the perspective of a gay man who grew up in hip-hop culture.

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“Hip Hop is a culture and environment which does not provide a safe place for an artist to come forward or to come out. If you listen to many rap lyrics they promote hate and gay-bashing. It is an environment where the thug and gangster mentality is prevalent. Artists boast of a hyper-masculine bravado, with their crotch-grabbing, degradation of women, and their braggadocios lyrical slaying about the number of women they’ve slept with and children they’ve produced.

Dean goes on to mention the popular phrases “Pause” and “no homo” which are used to deflect comments that can be perceived as gay. Is this indicative of a larger problem in hip-hop?


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