Yes another teacher down.  So sad that this has become the norm.  You probably weren’t even shocked by the headline.

Baltimore City school teacher, Jefferey Slattery, is currently at Bayview Hospital awaiting surgery after being beaten by a student at Baltimore Community High School Wednesday afternoon.  He will be having major facial surgery on his eye socket and jaw.  He told 11 news “I tried to rotate him around and point him toward his classroom, and I spoke very firmly. It was a verbal intervention: ‘You cannot be out in the hallway during the announcement. Go back to your classroom,'” Slattery explained.

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Baltimore Community High School is known as a second chance high school but it reportedly doesn’t have any type of police protection or attendance keeper.  Slattery is also reporting that this was the third time he was assaulted by the student. The first two times he claims he reported it to the school system but nothing was done.

Wow…I always thought about being an educator but it seems like you need to have military training to teach in B’more.  We need to get these folks a raise and some hand to hand combat training…but seriously what can we do to reach these disturbed young people?  How can we as a community improve and assist our school systems?  I personally think we can’t fix the kids until we fix the parents…maybe more opportunities, adult education, & community centers.  What do you think?

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