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Story by Reginas GOSSIP FIX in the frequency news….
The entity that was Michael Jackson burned hot and bright for over 40 years from the time he was less than 10 years old.  Rising star Willow Smith is roughly the same age (her 10th birthday is on Halloween).  And make no mistake about it, young Smith is being thrust into the same hot, devouring light that consumed MJ’s childhood and created some of his adult demons.
Michael was originally signed by industry powerhouse Berry Gordy and now Willow is signed to Jay Z’s label, ROC Nation.  She already has a popular single and a recording contract.  And a lot of people are already voicing their concerns about her age.  While it is clear that she is extremely talented for her age, is it really necessary for her to be put into the spotlight this early?  It does seem to be a trend in the Smith household considering her 12 year old brother, Jaden Smith, was the boy on everyone’s lips after he starred in the hit summer remake, The Karate Kid.  Would it have hurt to wait till Willow turned 15 before getting her to start her music career?  Probably not.  But at the end of the day, she is Will Smith’s daughter.  She’s going to be in the spotlight either way, so why not do something productive rather than become yet another waste of space Hollywood child.  As long as her parents and Jay Z keep her grounded then she has the potential to take the throne from her idol, Rihanna.  Asked if Willow Smith was too young for a singing career, Jay-Z scoffed and replied: “When you have that sort of talent, there is no such thing as too young.”
What do you think? Is there such a thing as too young?