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Ne-Yo is speaking candidly on his trademark collection of hats.

According to the R&B singer his family has a history of thinning hair that often would get him teased as a child so he began to wear hats to hide his hair loss.

Now however the singer/songwriter says that his signature garb has become a part of his normal routine and he’s no longer ashamed of his look.

Speaking on his hair loss Ne-Yo tells  Britain’s Live From Studio Five,

“My initial hat wearing thing started when I was very, very young – I was still in high school…All the men in my family started losing their hair really, really youn g so my hair started thinning around 15 and you know, high school children can be very, very cruel.”

Ne-Yo says now however that he’s more confident than ever and he feels “naked” without his signature headwear.

“So I started wearing hats because of that but then as time progressed and I started developing my thick skin it didn’t really matter anymore what people thought, but at that point a hat felt normal. Now I feel naked without one.”