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Multiple news outlets report the death toll between 165 and 200. Another 225 people were injured in Sunday's blast, which occurred in the Karrada district after midnight when families were shopping for Eid-al-Fitr, the day that marks the end of the Muslim holy month, Ramadan.

President Barack Obama addressed his GOP critics at the G20 Turkey Leaders Summit Monday, telling them not to “pop off” over his handling of Syrian refugees…


The UN will bring together heads of state, business leaders, and humanitarians from all over the world to celebrate Black self-reliance.

    This week we salute our favorite funny memes this week in the Instagrammy Awards! First Click this and see the Dundalk Beyonce’ meme that inspired this week’s category…yes  it originally said, if Beyonce were from Dundalk! You can click the player below, to hear who won the honors this week! What do you think? […]

It hasn’t been a week since Baltimore clinched the world football championship and folks are already hounding Ray Lewis about his future plans. Baltimore Ravens head coach says Lewis ”has not expressed an interest to coach” but Harbaugh expects Lewis to do  ”many amazing and powerful things” in his retirement following a legendary 17-year run […]

Forbes dropped its annual list of Top 25 earning musicians in the WORLD – with Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber rounding out the top 10. But who is reppin for Hip Hop?? This year, Dr. DRE topped Forbes list of the world’s highest paid at $110 million. Jay-Z and Beyonce’ did not make […]