Within hours of Paula Deen’s tearful plea on the “TODAY” Show with Matt Lauer, Home Depot and pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk joined the growing list of companies that severed business ties with Deen.  Deen dropped a few lines during the interview that seemed almost theatrical but one line “I is what I is” happens to […]

A major story this week surrounded Angelina Jolie‘s decision to remove both of her breasts.  She chose to have a double mastectomy not because she was already diagnosed with cancer but because she has a “faulty” gene that doctors say gives her an 85% chance of developing breast cancer and a 50% chance of developing […]

Jada Pinkett-Smith was in for a Mother’s Day surprise when her son Jaden Smith told his parents that he wanted to be legally emancipated for his 15th birthday.  He wants to do what he wants, live on his own, and be declared an adult.  Is this too much freedom, power and cash for a 15 […]