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Milk Crates are not the most sturdy objects, but some Black women are effortlessly defeating the wobbly structures with ease.

The Crate Challenge has caused plenty of potential injuries, comedy and then some over the course of the last few days with many people asking one question -- who in the hell had all these crates sitting around?

Built on the back of rapper Erica Banks' 2020 track "Buss It," women dressed down suddenly drop it low and immediately glow up.

Racists always deserve a proper fade. A white guy refused to stop saying the N-word while he was checking out at a convenience store, which led to him catching a tall can fade via the man of color who gave him plenty of outs to avoid a beatdown.

On Wednesday (Mar.25), Deion Broxton, a reporter for KTVM-TV in Butte, Montana, shared a video of himself reporting from Yellowstone National Park. In the clip, you quickly see his attention shifts when he notices the park's local wildlife, in this case, a group of curious bison making their way towards him.

While there is a potential world war brewing, a shakeup in the Royal Family and other issues abound, Twitter will find a way to pull humor out of the thin air at all times. A video of two white women squaring up alongside a busy street got brutal when one of the fighters floored the […]

Since the internet spawned social media one thing is for sure… people love cats. Well, people love cats and kittens. The latest internet sensation just got adopted down in Texas. His name is Melvin, and last week he took social media by storm when animal caretakers discovered his unique way of meowing. What the what??? […]

High school senior Brendon Gauthier said that getting into the Ivy League school was a dream come true.

Chicago's Dwayne Reed really wanted his students to be excited to start the new school year.

An old school trapper hat and an Eight Ball jacket, a style popular in the 90’s, was the fashion statement a man made that he…

Check out the #FEEDME top 20 countdown for this week and vote for your favorite songs! 20) DJ Mustard -4 Digits 19) French Montana – Don’t Panic 18) Cashout Wiz Khalfia – Lets Get It 17) Yg -Do It To Ya 16) T-Pain-Drankin Patna 15) Wale ft Jeremiah The Body 14) Jhene Aiko- The Pressure […]

Remember Ted Williams, the man with the “Golden Voice”?  Williams is headed back to rehab after walking out of a rehabilitation program earlier this year.