On Thursday August 5th, Uber CEO annouced that he would be mandating for office employees to be vaccinated. However, any driver for Uber’s ride share company will not be required to be vaccinated in order to work. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said, “I think these mandates, if they’re pushed, should be pushed by local or […]

Although the state restrictions are lifting and the mandates are non-existing at this point the world is opening faster than most anticipated. Club owners, concert and party promoters are finally getting the green light to start planning massive sized crowds again. Hoover, it’s not coming without a hefty price tag attached to it for those […]

A mobile vaccination site sets up in Baltimore County this Saturday. Walk-ins will be served while supplies last. Here are the details. 

Five infants in the Chicago area are the latest to be hit with measles in the nationwide outbreak. The babies, all of whom are less…